Apibal ‘Freeze-cracked’ Bee Pollen


Pollen collected by bees has long been considered one of nature’s miracle foods. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but until now has always been difficult for the human body to fully assimilate.

Traditional bee pollen is largely indigestible and the heat generated by conventional methods of grinding it often destroys many of the vital nutrients.

Apibal uses a revolutionary ‘freeze-cracking’ process that delicately opens every pollen shell at a low enough temperature to avoid destroying any of the goodness inside. Making Apibal 100% digestible.

And the great thing is the bees do the collecting for you.


Apibal ‘Freeze-cracked’ Bee Pollen




A perfect natural alternative to chemically produced supplements.

Post Diet

Helps stabilise and maintain optimum health and weight after detox programmes such as The Lemon Detox.


High protein and carbohydrate content for athletes and players of sport.

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