Are you after
option for…

Dealing with allergies such as hay fever

Sports nutrition

A balanced dietary supplement which can help
maintain weight loss

Other natural health benefits such as energy boosting, immune boosting & gut health

Find out how bee pollen may be the natural option you're looking for, and why Apibal™ – specially freeze-cracked to make it almost 100% absorbable in the gut – is the best bee pollen to try!

Enjoy bee pollen at its best

One of nature’s great superfoods

A fantastic natural nutritional supplement

Many natural health benefits – from building immunity to hay fever to boosting energy

Apibal's unique freeze-cracking process releases all the goodness from within the granule


Freeze-cracking is to bee pollen what cold-pressing is to juices and oils. It rocks!

Basically, freeze-cracking is a special process that allows us to carefully unlock all the goodness from inside the pollen granule’s hard shell in a way other processes cannot –without damaging any of the nutrients within…

Why freeze-cracking is best

Get the buzz on bee pollen

Bee Pollen has long been valued for a host of nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It’s excellent as a balanced daily nutritional supplement, but is also the naturopath’s choice for helping build immunity allergies such as hay fever, bolstering the immune system and raising energy levels.

Read on to find out why bee pollen has everyone in a buzz!

Benefits of Bee Pollen Hay fever and bee pollen


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One box of Apibal™ contains 60 capsules, - enough for 1-2 months.


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